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Solutions for EMDR Therapy in Sarasota, FL

When you get to the point in your life where you find yourself stuck and unable to move forward with productive days and a positive mindset. Maybe you're noticing your mind on a "loop" with your thought patterns and anxious outlook. If you haven't been able to find solace in your mental health, then perhaps it's time to consider other options and types of therapies, like EMDR therapy.

Why Should I Consider EMDR Therapy?

With the help of an experienced practitioner, EMDR therapy can help resolve issues from the past that are causing a blockage for forward progress, and address triggers that are a result of trauma. When EMDR therapy is administered, we're able to find healthier ways for our clients to move on through giving your brain the signal that it is safe and that it's ok to begin healing. It is important to understand too that there is a strong focus on staying within the space that feels best with your own tolerance with EMDR therapy.

One huge benefit of EMDR therapy to our clients is that sessions do not include having to go into great detail when revisiting your past traumas, so in many ways the bilateral method is more effective and works faster than traditional talk therapy because it allows your brain to heal on its own, and covers a wide range of symptoms, triggers, syndromes, and concerns.

Let's Talk About the Basics - How Can EMDR Therapy in Sarasota, FL Really Help?

Simply put, EMDR therapy (or Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is a form of psychotherapy that utilizes this specific approach to heal trauma, PTSD, and get our clients "unstuck."

If you've tried other forms of therapies and feel you've exhausted all your options without the results you're really in need of, if you're looking for a kind of mental intervention that is powerful and effective, then perhaps you need to be looking for EMDR therapy in Sarasota, FL.

I'm Still Not Sold - What Exactly is EMDR Therapy?

So the structure of EMDR Therapy includes an eight phase approach to help to treat a range of disorders caused by trauma and to relieve crippling psychological symptoms that prevent you from living a full, productive, and happy life. EMDR therapy applies addressing the suffering and difficulties you may be facing due to past experiences and how to best approach those situations moving forward.

When you aren't able to fully face and truly process some your most hurtful and stressful experiences, it creates new symptoms in your body, causing you to continue to suffer in other ways because of it. But EMDR therapy pinpoints those exact traumas and experiences through these eight structured phases to help you to develop new and healthier ways of coping, so you can move through the world with more ease and peace.

What Type of Patient Benefits Most from EMDR Therapy?

Originally used to help patients who were suffering from major traumas and PTSD symptoms, EMDR therapy proved greatly effective in its approach with those experiencing this type of suffering. However, in the years to follow, research would also show that EMDR therapy is useful and effective in addressing a much wider range of mental health concerns.

As previously stated, the fact that you aren't asking to relive your trauma in step-by-step detail is hugely appealing to our clients but also means that EMDR therapy is able to work through your mental health concerns in ways that move much more quickly than traditional talk therapy.

For patients who are interested in learning more, EMDR therapy can also help in the following areas:

  • Trauma, Stressful Experiences, and PTSD

  • Addiction and Unhealthy Behaviors

  • Phobias or Extreme Avoidance

  • Obsessive Compulsivity or OCD

  • Generalized Anxiety Disorders

How Does Bilateral Stimulation Work?

The bilateral stimulation aspect is core to the EMDR therapy process, which asks the patient to shift focus to two different parts of your brain through shifting focus on two different sides of your body. The affects of this means patients can safely reprocess past traumas and feelings (without needing to verbally rehash all the details) and provide a space for their minds to push forward through these past difficulties.

Typically your EMDR therapist will ask you to focus on a trauma or negative past experience while moving their hand or an object back and forth for your eyes to follow along with. To begin with, after focusing in on the trauma or difficult experience, you might be asked to then form a positive belief or perspective on the experience that you would rather have associated with it. This is just one example of what you might expect from a typical bilateral stimulation session with your EMDR therapist.

Take a breath. I know it can be overwhelming not knowing even where to start in this process of healing, but together we can find a solution that best suits your needs and your desired outcomes.

And for those hoping to find EMDR Therapy in Sarasota, FL, you've found me! This is the first step to finding freedom from your pain and peace in your life. I can't wait to start the journey with you.

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